Have you ever asked why? Why you seem intolerant?
Why you never finish a job?
Why you always have to cry?
Why you never keep to time?
Why you never love another?
Why you have no friends?
Why you never get satisfied?
Why you always have to shout?
Why you never seem to focus?
Why you always come behind? HAVE YOU? Must you always be the victim?
Must you always lose the game?
Must you always take a beating?
Must you give up easily?
Must you hate for no reason?
Must take what isn't yours?
Must you lie?
Must you cheat?
Must you have sex?
Must you say YES? MUST YOU?There are a lot of things you need to understand, about yourself, and until that is done you will always be a victim of life, circumstances, and self.


Over the years I have seen people bite and tear themselves up over things that really shouldn’t be. Yes, I know that sometimes it really comes natural for one to want to hate himself/herself for something they did wrong to someone or something they caused to happen to someone, but really? Is it worth it?
You need to ask yourself some very pertinent questions, one of the most important being: Would it really help my situation? Most say it’s rather wicked to not feel some sort of remorse after doing someone wrong, I get that, but remember you all believe that it’s okay to feel remorseful not live remorseful. This is where many miss it; this wrong deed of theirs now defines their entire existence, making it almost impossible for them to move beyond a self-imposed impasse. Bear in mind that I am in no way being insensitive to the fact that they have done something wrong. So you feel remorseful and then you apologize to the person you offended. Now this person forgives you but for some re…


I know, some people are wicked… some deserve to be stabbed, while for a whole bunch of others, death will be too good for them. Now these guys don’t get it, they forget that we, who are victims to their selfish actions, are human too. They go about treating us like scum, like we we're foolish to have availed ourselves and our precious time to them. For some of them, we actually played a major role to their success stories today, and now they cannot stand the sight of us. take a moment and breathe So what do we do ? Hate them?Punish them?Find ways to do them wrong?Get the world to see them for the EVIL they are? Now, no matter what you choose from the list above… YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Understand me, okay?
They are wrong, they deserve all that our sinister hearts wish them and more … butWould it make it any better?Would you get any bigger?YOU, AND YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR JOY Most of you now go the extra-mile creating family feuds that are mighty unnecessary. So your children…


I often hear people say that most Indians have a garlic-like scent. Now I cannot authenticate that statement seeing as I haven't met one before except for Priyanka Chopra my Indian crush who I see everynight💜, and believe me when I say I only smell roses when I am with her. Now let's get back to reality and leave my dream world for a bit. The reason why people would say so is because the Indians like to use garlic a lot, obviously because they are aware of its medicinal properties. Little wonder why that statement came into existence. I was in church one day when the Pastor said something that sunk into my very existence. He said and I quote: If you tell a 2 children(one from a rural community and one from the urban community) to each draw a house, any house of their choice and present to you that very moment, you will be shocked at how very different those pictures will be. *RURAL DRAWING* *URBAN DRAWING*
Truth is, these diagrams simply tells a story of the environment they…


We all at some point in our lives have used machines, gadgets etc. Basically, no one likes getting an device or machine that has a high maintenance cost. It only leaves you with loads of regret. Then you start wishing you went for something else with less stress. Today I will shift our focus from machines and devices to humans,
Yes i said humans. We all have people in our lives who were sent our way to teach us how to be patient. Even you... with your interesting personality know how tiring you can be. Do you have friends who you are always careful around? Do you have that person in your life who you cannot say NO to? not because he or she is awesome but because you don't want to be in his/her bad book. Now all these shouldn't be. Yes I know you cannot always be on the same page with your friends but not to the point of being careful not hurt their SELFISH feelings. High maintenance cost friends drain time and energy, plus you don't even get to enjoy the benefits of the re…


Have you ever annoyed a child before? I bet you would try to play modest right now and go all "I-love -kids-why-would-I-annoy-them" , on me right now. Let's bag your modesty for now and look at the picture I am trying to paint. A kids rage lasts as long as she or he is in the moment, and last I checked this moment of theirs is heavily short lived. Spank the kid now, then throw some candy their way and you are their bestest friend in whom they have found no guile. They are easy loving, and free spirited. Which is why you can promise a kid a toy, disappoint her every single day and she wakes every morning with the hope that you will bring it back home today...simply because you said it. You could say they are gullible and you my dear will have to be the SENSIBLE ONE right? Your years of experience as well as the degrees you have bagged in the school of life qualifies you to stand , beat your dry chest😉and say LIFE DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. You have grown to be so unforg…


Humans are the funniest of all species created by God. If you have ever taken time to study human behaviours and attitudes towards things and life in general, then you might never age because they will always make you laugh.  Many of you will easily write off what I just said by telling me to chill because you think you know too much about life and people to be a better judge. Think about it, people misbehave primarily because of lack of information. So this is how I see it, instead of getting angry...I pull a chair, sit down, cross my slim legs , tilt my head to the side and **LAUGH** till my back hurts.😏 I am **CRAZY**, I know. 😂 When I talk about materialistic people, I basically mean (you guessed right😏), people who love material things.  So let me make my point here by saying this:


Truth is the more you chase something, the more it runs. People who are very conscious of money and material things never ever real…